Home Learning for the week of Monday, January 24th - Friday, January 28th

Posted: January 23, 2022

Monday, January 24th – Friday, January 28th


Hello Students, Parents/Guardians,


This week we will begin English Language Arts.  I will not post each day because the assigned tasks will be the same each day.  The French activities will be replaced with a writing activity that should be turned in when students return to school (hopefully next week).

Here are the home learning activities for each day this week:

  • Read 15-20 min
  • 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Math – Spend 30 minutes on the SplashLearn website.  Click on the box “From my Teacher” and complete those activities first.  Spend any remaining time completing activities in one of the other sections (Math Facts, Math Games, or My Learning Path).
  • Language Arts (Writing)

Spend 15-20 minutes each day, working on the assigned writing task so that you have a finished good copy by the end of the week (remember to spend some time revising and editing your work).  Bring this writing (planning, draft, and good copy) to school on Monday, January 31st.

This week we are going to write a personal narrative (recount) where you retell an event that happened in your life.  View the following teaching videos on how to write a personal narrative.  The videos give you a general overview, but I think they are intended for younger students.  Keep in mind that when the video refers to ‘pages’, you will be writing paragraphs.  In the example, the sections are a bit too short.  In grade 5 you should have paragraphs with an opening or topic sentence, two or three supporting details or examples, and a closing sentence. Each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences long for each ‘part’ of your personal narrative.


1.      Episode 1: Writing a personal narrative: Brainstorming a story



2.      Episode 2: Writing a personal narrative: Planning and Prewriting



3.      Episode 3: Writing a personal narrative: Writing an introduction



4.      Episode 4 Writing a personal narrative: Writing a draft



5.      Episode 5: Writing a personal narrative: Writing a closing or conclusion



6.      Episode 6: Writing a personal narrative: Revising



7.      Episode 7: Writing a personal narrative: Editing



Here is a choice board to help you pick a topic (or you can choose one of your own):


I am including a graphic organizer for a personal narrative, a sample of how I used the graphic organizer, and my personal narrative of an embarrassing moment (attached file)!  If you don’t have a printer and/or would prefer to pick up a copy, there is a pick-up time today from 10am-3pm.  I hope you enjoy reading my personal narrative and I am looking forward to reading each of yours. 

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns cheryl.carroll@nbed.nb.caor call the school at 778-6080.