Bucket Fillers

Check out our Bucket Fillers each Month!

Kal comes to school every day with a positive attitude.   It helps me have great days at school.   Keep up the great work Kal! 

Congratulations to Cohen who is the Bucket Filler for the month of September.

Cohen was seen helping a classmate with his shoes.  It is so nice to see students helping students.   

Great job Cohen!

Posted: June 1, 2023

Congratulations to Mia who is the Bucket Filler of the month for May!

Mia is always kind to her classmates and her teachers...

Congratulations to Axel!!! He was picked for April's Bucket Filler of the Month!

Axed used I-Care language while playing with a friend.  Great job Axel! 

Congratulations to Haddie!  She is the bucket filler for March!

Haddie used her hands to help one of her friends pick up the blocks the was playing with.  Thanks for using helping hands Haddie! 

Congratulations to Parker who is February's Bucket Filler of the Month.  Parker read a story to some children.  You are a great reader, Parker!  

Congratulations to Claire who is our bucket filler of the month for January.  Claire remembers to raise her hand to permission to speak  and waits her turn when someone is talking.  Great job Claire!

Posted: December 22, 2022

Paislie is quick and independent when getting dressed for outside.    Thanks Paislie! 

Posted: December 6, 2022

Lexi's name was chosen for the bucket filler of the month.  Congratulations to Lexi who used her helping hands to take off a classmates' skates.  Thanks for using your helping hands Lexi!

Congratulations to Brayden who is October's Bucket Filler of the month!

Brayden is always happy and ready to help Ms. Brown carry things. Thank you for being so kind. 


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