A Peek at our Week!

Posted: November 22, 2015

A PEEK AT OUR WEEK! Nov. 23rd-27th  Zoo Phonics Value Lesson- Encourage others! Focus Letters - Letters Ee/Ff- Ellie Elephant and Francy Fish  Word of the week… Kindergarten- the   Grade 1 - there Nov. 23rd Monday- Welcome back to classes! I hope that you had a great weekend.  Today is Talk Rock Monday –what did you do this weekend?  * Library and Art Day today       Nov, 24th Tuesday – Hot Lunch day                                 French              Nov. 25 Wednesday- Music           Nov. 26th-Thursday–   Guidance today with Miss McKenzie       Nov.27th– Friday – PIZZA Day! Please have money in a labelled holder tks.     Gr.1 Spelling Test                               Return Library Books                               Music   What we’re up to:  Language Arts – Continue work with rhyme, word,and syllable awareness -. The idea of a word beginning with their names, actions and through stories. Breaking words into syllables by counting “claps” blending syllables to determine words. Writing- Children use illustrations, labelling, and dominant sounds to record stories they think of. Stories most often reflect real life experiences as they are easy to write about. They are encouraged to use stories with the sight words. Zoo Phonics! – 26 animals at the zoo will help us learn to read and write. Students have begun to build a “word wall” of High Frequency words as a reference for reading and writing.  I  a  am  see   at   can   come  the I am hoping to post the wall soon!    Math-   Numbers from 1-5; Students go beyond counting and explore numbers as they relate to quantities, and each other.  Key skills are recognizing more/fewer, counting on and back from a given number, Part Part Whole- various combinations to make a certain amount.