A peek at our week!

Posted: February 16, 2016




February 15-19


My apologies for neglecting my teacher page!


Reminder that Hoodie/sweatshirt and book ordersorders are due this week.


Thank you all for the valentines and treats! 


Focus Letters – Q q and R r –we will meet Queenie quail and Robbie rabbit


 Words of the week… we learned love, like, look, me, my, mom, no, not, new, on, off, play –since our last peek!                                             Grade 1 -


Feb.15 Monday- Welcome back to classes! I hope that you had a great                              weekend.  Today is Talk Rock Monday –what did you do this weekend?


Feb. 16- Tuesday * Library and Art Day today, Please ensure that all library books are returned on Fridays.


Feb. 17 Wednesday- Music     


Feb. 18-Thursday  Guidance with Miss McKenzie


Feb. 19– Friday    PIZZA Day! Please have money in a labelled holder tks.


What we’re up to:


Language Arts- we’ve been learning and practicing sight words daily in reading and writing. Students are encouraged to use them in their written stories. Strokes and letters practice is necessary and will be reviewed. 


Math-we’ve finished our unit on Exploring numbers to 5 focusing on partners to 5. Identifying dots *like on number cubes, and 5 frames. Number lines. It is important that students develop good number sense!