Posted: October 26, 2015

A PEEK AT OUR WEEK! October 26th-30th    Oct.26 Monday- Welcome back to classes!                           Library and Art Day today   Oct.27 Tuesday – our Hot Lunch day,  Toquitos      Oct 28- Wednesday- Guidance today                            Oct 29-Thursday– Photo Retakes          Oct. 30– Friday – Pumpkin Carving at 10:30 with some light entertainment. We will be celebrating Halloween for the last hour of the day. It is optional to send treats with your child, or cost share with others on fruit or veggie trays apple caramel or other “healthy Halloween” treats!                                                           What we’re up to:  Language Arts – We are learning rhyme and word and syllable awareness -Playing with rhyme through books and songs. The idea of a word beginning with their names, actions and through stories. Breaking words into syllables by counting “claps” blending syllables to determine words.    Math:  General Outcome- I can demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (2 or 3 elements) by: identifying, reproducing, extending and creating patterns using manipulatives, sounds and actions.      Sorting and Patterning!   Children are learning to sort items based on a single attribute- size, shape, color, gender, clothing etc. We’ve been using groups of items to show how patterns are created using up to 3 elements.  The CORE is the part that repeats.  Using colors, actions, shapes, size, numbers, etc. to show various patterns with 2-3 differences, as well as story and song patterns. Play along with your child, what patterns can you find and create??? Happy Hallowe'en Trick or Treating!!