A peek at our Week!

Posted: September 21, 2015

    A PEEK AT OUR WEEK!                                                               September 21-25th    Sept 21 Monday- Welcome back to classes!   Sept 22 Tuesday  -Happy Birthday Mrs. Sobey!       Sept 23- Wednesday- Scholastic Book orders are due please. The order will go out by Friday.                           Sept 24- Thursday– Guidance with “Miss McKenzie”            Sept 25 – Friday – Pizza Day (please have money sealed and labelled)                            -Terry Fox walk- join us at 12:30                                 Library    What we’re up to        Language Arts – We are learning rhyme and word awareness -Playing with rhyme through books and songs. The idea of a word beginning with their names, actions and through stories  Math-        Sorting and Patterning!  Children are learning to sort items based on a single attribute- size, shape, color, gender, clothing etc. General Outcome- I can demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (2 or 3 elements) by: identifying, reproducing, extending and creating patterns using manipulatives, sounds and actions.