Peeking at our Week!

Posted: June 2, 2015

  A PEEK AT OUR WEEK! June 1st-June 5th  "Disability Awareness WEEK - watch for our walk and roll!   Read to an adult each night. Talk about the pictures, your predictions…were you right? (cross checking- does the word look right? Sound right? Make sense?) If you answer no to any… fix it up! Kinderclub- each day: Welcome back to the gals. Kinderclub has finished and an update will be sent. June 1 Monday-Big Road Trip- first to release our fish, then a train ride to            Rogersville   June 2 Tuesday– -Hot Lunch day- Subway   May 20- Wednesday-  Off to our visit to Region 7 Hospital! What do you think we’ll see??         Kilometer Club will walk, weather permitting                         May 21- Thursday– Guidance with Mrs. Sturgeon         No Kilometer Club, I have early duty.   May 22 – Friday – Pizza Day (please have money sealed and labelled)       Kilometer Club- walk if weather permitting.    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  What we’re up to:             Language Arts- Daily 5 and Writing  Daily 5 work. Read to Self, and Read to Someone, WORD Work : we have learned some great strategies on how to be better readers! Strategies and notes on each will be sent home throughout the week so you know what students are practicing.                 Writing recipe- We are building on the writing recipe. We will create a rubric together and post it soon. WE ARE WRITERS! Math-        Number Sense: students learn more about numbers and how they relate to one another- more/fewer, numbers before/after others, count by touch, identify number placement on a number line etc. 5 and 10 frames.         Our Math Unit- Exploring Geometry and Measurement     Outcomes to Master… ·         SS.1 Use direct or indirect measurement to solve problems. o    SS.1.1 Use direct comparison to compare two objects based on a single attribute, such as length (height), mass (weight) and volume (capacity). SS.2 Describe the characteristics of 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, and analyze the relationships among them.     SS.2.2 Sort 2-D and 3-D objects using a single attribute.       SS.2.3 Build and describe 3-D objects  o    *See the curriculum ideas and suggestions at the gnb web site.