Valentine's Day!

Posted: February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I am not certazin what the weather has in store for us.  Here is a bit of information that you may find useful.  Our class has now 19 students.  In the past we suggested that you address them to "my friend" or Valentine to help make delivery easy and efficient as they just deliver one into each bag. However, here is a list of names.  Aleesha, Alice,  A.J., Bentley, Carter, Cayden, Chance,  Dalton, Ellie, Elliot, Jarett, Jake,Jack,  Jocelyn, Lydia, Mia, Rebecca, Tyson, Tyron. 

The EA's that visit our classroom are Mrs. Petrie, Mrs. Moran and Mrs. Bourque.   We will be having a little celebration that afternoon.  Even though Valentine's Day is about sweets and candy, we try to promote healthy choices so another option could be to split costs of fruit and veggie trays, cheese and crackers or other similar treats. Napkins or cups also help too!