Thursday, May 28th!

Posted: May 28, 2020

Hello Boys and Girls!

Today is thoughtful Thursday. The date is May 27th, 2020.

Look for ways to be thoughtful and caring at home today.

It is going to be a super hot day. I think I will hibernate in my house for the day. How about you?

Yesterday I looked at the clouds too and used my imagination to spy something.

The first thing I spied was a great big heart.

It made me think about all of you. You are all so very special and I am missing so, so much!

I am going to be calling you today. I will try to reach you this morning before you head out on your adventures to get cooled off.

Talk to you soon! Love, Mrs. Sobey 

Language Arts Activities

Read Aloud

Follow this link:

You will watch a read aloud of “How To Catch A Star” by Oliver Jeffers 

Word Work

Follow this link:

You will make some “ar” words. 

Math Activities

Warm Up

Follow this link to review double facts to 9: 


Follow this link:

Your goal for the week is to complete at least 5 lessons. How are you doing? 

Problem of the Week

1)Estimate the length of your driveway or yard (using your own feet).  Remember, estimation means making a thoughtful guess about how many there is of something, the answer is NOT exact. When estimating we use the words “about, close to, and almost.”

2) Once you’ve written down your “estimate” go out and figure out exactly how many of your own feet it is. You will walk just like if you were walking on a tightrope. Record on your paper how many of your feet it actually took? Was your estimate close?

3) If your parent or guardian did the same thing would it take more or less feet? Explain your reasoning. 

*Students will need a toilet paper or paper towel tube and a piece cereal box cardboard for an art activity that they are going to complete on Friday! 

In addition to the activities suggested above students are encourage to read independently, participate in some physical activity and complete the task from the “Social-Emotional Learning” calendar.