Wednesday, May 27th!

Posted: May 27, 2020

Dear Children,

Today is "wacky" Wednesday. The date is May 27th, 2020.

It is a ____________, ______________ morning. (What 2 words you would use to describe what it is like outside this morning?)

I loved all the sunshine and warm weather yesterday. Did you?

Today I am going to clean my house and then I have a meeting. What will you do?

Have a fun day everyone! 

Love, Mrs. Sobey

Language Arts Activities

Read Aloud

Follow this link:

You will watch a read aloud of “Picture The Sky” by Barbara Reid. 

Writing (You may have to wait to complete this activity after lunch!)

Head outside and look up at the clouds. I want you to use your imagination, what do see in the cloud shapes. Here is your writing prompt:  “When I look up at the clouds I see...” Please use some describing words. 

I’ve attached a Writer’s Checklist under the ”Documents” tab for you and your child to refer to, to help you evaluate what they are doing well and what needs to be worked on next. Each of these writing skills have been taught during Writer’s Workshop time. Pick 1 area that your child could work on and work together to fix that up. Once they’ve shown improvements in that area, set a new goal together.  

Parents: I’d love to see your child’s writing pieces when they are done. That way I can also give some feedback as to what could be worked on next so that their writing will continue to develop. Writing pieces can be emailed to me at    

Math Activities

Warm Up

Practice skip counting by 10’s starting at 0 while bouncing or tossing a ball between you and others at your house. Can you make it to 100? 


Follow this link:

Work to complete 1 more lessons today boys and girls. 

Problem of the Week

1)Estimate the length of your driveway or yard (using your own feet).  Remember, estimation means making a thoughtful guess about how many there is of something, the answer is NOT exact. When estimating we use the words “about, close to, and almost.”

2) Once you’ve written down your “estimate” go out and figure out exactly how many of your own feet it is. You will walk just like if you were walking on a tightrope. Record on your paper how many of your feet it actually took? Was your estimate close?

3) If your parent or guardian did the same thing would it take more or less feet? Explain your reasoning. 

*Students will need a toilet paper or paper towel tube and a piece cereal box cardboard for an art activity that they are going to complete on Friday! 

In addition to the activities suggested above students are encourage to read independently, participate in some physical activity and complete the task from the “Social-Emotional Learning” calendar.