Home Learning Assignment for Tuesday, January 18th

Posted: January 18, 2022

Due Date: 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

  Happy Tuesday  boys and girls. 

  For today:

  Reading - 15 minutes

  Writing - In your home learning pack for this week, you will find a writing template for a Recount. You can work away at this assignment day to day, and there will be no other writing for this week.  As you know, a Recount is a form of writing where you simply tell a story about something you experienced, and you write out the events in the order that they happened, from the beginning to the end. The template is laid out in a way that each paragraph leads with a transition word, followed by a topic sentence for the paragraph, and then  two details. The when, where, what, etc. at the top of the template is turned into the introduction. Be sure to add a conclusion for the story. After the template is completed, write a good copy of your story, and be sure to edit as you are rewriting. Things to focus on when you edit are; capitals, ending punctuation, paragraphing, use of WoW words, and lots of interesting detail to create pictures in the mind of the reader. Please work independently as much as possible. The good copy can be turned in when your Learning Package is returned next week. I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful pieces next week. 

 Reading comprehension - 15 minutes

 Outdoor physical activity - 30 minutes

 Check the teacher page of your math teacher

  Have a great day boys a girls - your teacher misses you all a great deal