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   Happy Friday Boys and Girls,

   Your assignment for today looks like this;

   Read 15 minutes - strategy - keep asking yourself as you are reading, "What just happened?" or, "What's going on?" Answer in your mind.

   Writing 20 minutes -  do a persuasive piece in your journal. That is, try to persuade the reader that it is a good thing to have a pet hamster. Give as many examples as possible, of how having a hamster in the class benefits the students. Have fun with this.

   Reading Comprehension - 15 minutes

   30 minutes of physical activity outside, weather permitting.

    Please check your math teacher's page.

    Have a great weekend boys and girls - I'm missing you all.


Due Date: 

Friday, January 28, 2022

   Good Morning Everyone!

   I hope you're keeping warm.

   For today; Please read Myles' letter to the class by way of the file document below.

   Read 15 minutes. The strategy for today is, "Being aware of the setting." That is, where is the story, or the article taking place? Is there a time frame? For example, time of day, time of year, a particular season? What about the location, or locations? Have fun with this. It's all part of the thought process when you read.

  Writing for today -  20 minutes. I would like you to really use your imagination today boys and girls. Pretend you are Fluffy. Fluffy is telling a story about living at Napan Elementary. All about this crazy school year. (Did you know that the heat shut off one night in our classroom? The maintenance man had to come to the rescue the next morning)  brrrr for Fluffy. But he was bundled well under the bedding, so I think he was fine. Think about all that Fluffy hears, sees, smells, tastes, and feels. Use humour, have fun, and we'll be sure to share them in class when we're together again.

   Reading comprehension - 15 minutes

   30 minutes of physical activity outside, weather permitting.

   Check your math teacher's lesson plan.

   I"m missing you all boys and girls. Have a great day!

   Mr Ross

Due Date: 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

 Good Morning Boys and Girls

  Please read Ben's and Chase's letters to the class attached via files below. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Myle's letter uploaded. Sorry Miles If anyone wants to send a letter, or even a second letter to the class, please email me.

  Also today:

  Read 15 minutes - focus on visualizing

  Writing - 20 minutes. You choose the topic, but finish up your recount please, if you still haven't. Thank you.

  Reading Comprehension - 15 minutes

  30 minutes of outdoor activity,

  Check your math teacher's pages.

  Have a great day. Keep up the great work class,

Due Date: 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Posted: January 25, 2022

File liams_letter.docx236.99 KB

    Good Morning Grade3/4

    It's Tuesday already. Keep up the great work that you're doing via Home Learning.

    Read 15 minutes - the focus for today can be visualizing. That is, make pictures in your mind based on what your reading. 

    Science - in science, observing and recording your observations is an important skill. Take time today to sit somewhere quietly and write all that you hear, see, and smell. Organize it into 3 lists in point form. Outside would be best, but if you can't do it outside, inside will be fine. Have fun with this.

   Reading Comprehension  - 15 minutes

   I'm going to try to get Liam's letter to the class on this web page. Please read, and if you wish to have a letter to the class posted, please let me know.

   30 minutes of outdoor activity, if possible.

   Check your math teacher's page.

   Have a great day!

Due Date: 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

 Good Monday Morning Grade3/4!

 Hopefully everyone is doing well.

 For Today;

 Read 15 minutes  - reading strategy (stop after every page or two and retell to yourself what has happened, or what is be talked about in the book).

 Writing - 20 minutes - if your Recount is completed in a good copy, I'm going to ask you to use your journal today to write a letter to your class. If you can email me a copy of the letter for feedback, that would be great.

  Reading Comprehension - 15 minutes

  Math - Check your teacher's page.

  30 minutes of physical activity outdoors, weather permitting.

  Have a great day! Hopefully this is the final week of home learning.

  Mr. Ross


Due Date: 

Monday, January 24, 2022

 Happy Friday Boys and Girls,

 For today;

 Read 15 minutes  Parents, it would be great if any leveled reading books that you have at home were returned on Monday when you pick up next week's Learning Package.Thank you.

Writing - 20 minutes  Work on your Recount. If it's completed, simply make a list of 10 favorite memories you have from attending Napan Elementary, going back as far as Kindergarden. (no other writing required}

Reading Comprehension - 15 minutes

Physical activity - 30 minutes outdoors

Check your math teacher's assignment

Have a Great Weekend Boys and Girls! Hope to see you soon.

Due Date: 

Friday, January 21, 2022

  Good Thursday morning boys and girls. It's almost the weekend again. Where does the time go?

  For today - read 15 minutes. As you read, try to pick out five WOW words. That is, five interesting adjectives and/or verbs. You don't have to write them out, but you can use them in your Recount, if you wish.

  Reading comprehension - 15 minutes

  Writing -  20 minutes on your process piece. (Rcount)

  30 minutes of outdoor activity

  Check your math teacher's page.

  Take care awesome students, and stay focused on the positives in your day.

Due Date: 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

    It's frosty this morning boys and girls, 

    For today;

    Read 15 minutes

    Reading comprehension - 15 minutes

    Writing - work on your Recount - be sure to reread as your writing to make sure everything flows well, and sounds right. You want different sentence beginnings, detail, interesting verbs and adjectives. Be careful not to repeat words.

     30 minutes of physical activity - playing outside, if it's warm enough, would be a great idea. Snowshoeing is another good activity.

     Math - please check your math teacher's page.

     Have a great day folks, and keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.

Due Date: 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

  Happy Tuesday  boys and girls. 

  For today:

  Reading - 15 minutes

  Writing - In your home learning pack for this week, you will find a writing template for a Recount. You can work away at this assignment day to day, and there will be no other writing for this week.  As you know, a Recount is a form of writing where you simply tell a story about something you experienced, and you write out the events in the order that they happened, from the beginning to the end. The template is laid out in a way that each paragraph leads with a transition word, followed by a topic sentence for the paragraph, and then  two details. The when, where, what, etc. at the top of the template is turned into the introduction. Be sure to add a conclusion for the story. After the template is completed, write a good copy of your story, and be sure to edit as you are rewriting. Things to focus on when you edit are; capitals, ending punctuation, paragraphing, use of WoW words, and lots of interesting detail to create pictures in the mind of the reader. Please work independently as much as possible. The good copy can be turned in when your Learning Package is returned next week. I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful pieces next week. 

 Reading comprehension - 15 minutes

 Outdoor physical activity - 30 minutes

 Check the teacher page of your math teacher

  Have a great day boys a girls - your teacher misses you all a great deal

Due Date: 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


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