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Rapid Testing Program PDF icon 2021-10-05_letter_-_students_and_families_-_new_rapid_testing_program_covid-19.pdf Oct 8, 2021
Back to School September 2021 File back_to_school_memo_2021.docx Aug 31, 2021
Student Appreciation Day PDF icon studentappreciationday_message_to_families_1.pdf Jun 8, 2021
Young Entrepreneur Sale

The grade 4/5 class is participating in the Powerplay Young Entrepreneurs Program.  Open the PDF file attached to view the products for sale.  Click on the student's name on their adrvertisement to go to their website and access the online order form.  10 % of Profits will be donatied to the SPCA.

PDF icon young_entrepreneur_sale_ads.pdf Apr 26, 2021
PSSC PDF icon flyer_for_asdn_dec_candidates.pdf Mar 11, 2021
French Immersion Microsoft Office document icon making_the_choice-asd-n.doc Jan 22, 2021
Memo Microsoft Office document icon memo_district.doc Nov 16, 2020
Kindergarten 2021 File kindergarten_ad_-_2021.docx Sep 23, 2020
ASDN Covid operational plan File asdn_covid_operational_plan_template_001.docx Sep 3, 2020
Back To School Sept 2020 File back_to_school_memo_2020.docx Aug 28, 2020
Dept School Year Letter PDF icon 2019-2020_school_year.pdf Jun 3, 2020
Year Book Order

The Napan Elementary 2019-2020 yearbook is now complete.  As the teachers are now working from the school, we have decided to place one yearbook order.  If you would like to order a yearbook, there will be 1 drop-off time to collect orders due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Date: Friday, June 5th

  • Time: 11 am – 1 pm

  • Cost: $15  - exact change to be placed in a baggie or envelope with student name and number of yearbooks clearly marked

  • Pickup Date: Students who order a yearbook will receive it with their report card June 19th

Cheryl Carroll
Napan Elementary School
File year_book.docx Jun 3, 2020
Letter to Parents PDF icon dm_letter_to_parents_guardians_may_19_2020_covid-19.pdf May 21, 2020
School Access PDF icon school_access_april_2.pdf Apr 2, 2020
Tele-Guidance Counselling April 2, 2020 File psa_for_tele-guidance_counselling.docx Apr 1, 2020
Information Session for French Second Language 2020-2021 File making_the_choice_info_letter_2.docx Jan 27, 2020
Social Media Survey File social_media_promotion_picture_and_survey_link_english.docx Jan 13, 2020
Parent Research Survey File parent_research_survey_anglophone_and_francophne.docx Jan 13, 2020
January 2020 Calendar File jan_2020.xlsx Dec 18, 2019
December Calendar File dec_2019.xlsx Dec 2, 2019


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